Pricing for On-Site Chair Massages

We have kept our rates (just $85 per hour, which includes gratuity) the same for many years, as we truly believe in our special structural chair massage and would like to share it with as many people as we can.

Please note that we do run SPECIALS each month, so every new quote will automatically include our monthly special subtracted from the amounts below. Just provide the information on the Contact Us page and we’ll send you a quote generally within 24 hours during the week.

Host/Company Sponsored Rates

Length of Time 5 Minute Massages 10 Minute Massages
1 hour 8 people 4 people
2 hours 16 people 8 people
3 hours 24 people 12 people
4 hours 32 people 16 people

Individual Employee/Patron Rates

5 minutes/$7 20 minutes/$27
10 minutes/$13 25 minutes/$33
15 minutes/$20 30 minutes/$40

Special Notes

  • Travel fees may be added, depending on location.
  • Massages can be provided for longer increments upon request.
  • Cash, checks, and all major credit cards accepted for all major events.
  • Credit card rates are an additional 3% than quoted amount.